Enterprise-grade technologies to power all of your home entertainment
Beam comes from a long history of innovative technology, trusted by industry titans and leading academic institutions.

Established in 2006, our Denver-based team was an early startup in the hardware space, accumulating a portfolio of intellectual properties in wireless in-room communications. Our flagship enterprise product has become the industry standard for simple, secure content sharing, garnering the trust of Fortune 500 companies around the globe, and many Ivy League institutions at home.

We developed Beam using the same underlying technologies, to enable gamers and consumers a level of streaming quality unmatched in capacity and stability by consumer-grade standards like Chromecast and AirPlay, or other wireless HDMI devices on the market today.


Technologies powering Beam

Custom high-performance OS built on a Linux kernel
Proprietary lossless video and audio codecs
Ultra-responsive, low-latency streaming protocol
Octa-core SoC with quad-channel memory
Hardware-accelerated video processing
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