Your ultimate wireless
media command center
Any device, to any TV

Beam wirelessly connects all entertainment devices to any TV in your home, at uncompromising 4K resolution and no input lag.
No more tangled mess of HDMI cables plugged to your TV.

Ultimate Quality

Beam uses proprietary, enterprise-grade technologies to stream any gaming consoles or media sources to your TV at 4K, 60FPS quality, with <20ms latency, unmatched by any alternative on the market today.

High Quality

Configurable Streaming

Stream to any TV in your home. Or multiple TVs at the same time. Or play multiple sources on your TV simultaneously — your setup, your rules.

Stream to any TV

Share with Friends

Effortlessly stream your gameplay to your PC, then share it with friends with Discord, or livestream to the world with Twitch.

Cloud & PC

Powerful technologies. Sleek package. Designed to fit effortlessly into your wireless living.

Enjoy your entertainment anywhere in the house with one simple device.

How It Works
How it works
Connect Devices

Each Beam box links seamlessly with up to 4 devices. Need more connections? Simply add another Beam box to your setup – there's no limit to how many you can have at home.

Use the App

Access the Beam app on your smart TV or computer. Compatible with all major smart TV brands (refer to our FAQ for details), the app also works smoothly on both Windows and Mac computers.

Choose Your Source(s)

In the app, select any device linked to a Beam box, or combine multiple sources for a customized setup. Your TV will adapt seamlessly, creating a personalized viewing experience.


Sit back and enjoy – with Beam, your home entertainment just got a spectacular upgrade.

How do I get Beam up and running?

Beam just needs a few things: a home Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi 5, 6, 6E), a smartphone for the initial setup, any source device with HDMI like a gaming console, and a smart TV.

Which smart TVs pair well with Beam?

Beam streams effortlessly to smart TVs from top brands like Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, TCL, and Hisense. Simply put, if your TV can run Netflix, it's Beam-ready.

Can I use Beam with devices like Fire Stick or Roku Stick?

Absolutely. Plug your stick into Beam as you would with any entertainment device, and watch as it seamlessly streams to your TV.

What devices can connect to Beam?

Beam accepts any device with an HDMI output. This includes all models of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch (except Lite), and popular streaming boxes like Apple TV, Shield TV, and Google TV.

What can I stream through Beam?

Everything you love! Beam is a wireless HDMI transmitter. So, if it plays on your device, it streams through Beam – games, apps, you name it.

Can I connect Beam to my PC?

Yes! Beam can wirelessly stream from game consoles and other HDMI devices to your computer, perfect for use in Discord, Twitch, or similar. Also, if your PC has HDMI out, you can stream your PC content to any TV in your home, just like a game console.

What's the return window for my Beam purchase?

Bought a Beam directly from our website? You've got a comfortable 14-day window to return it after purchase. If you snagged your Beam from a retailer, just check their return policy.

How do I send my Beam back?

For website purchases, it's a breeze. Start your return and grab your shipping label right here (in Orders → Order Details → Return / Refunds). Pack it up in its original box or any sturdy shipping box, cushion it with some packing paper, and don't forget the power cable. If you bought it from a retailer, they'll have the details on returns.

When will I see my refund?

Once we receive and check your returned Beam, expect the refund to zip back to your original payment method in about 2-8 business days. We're all about swift and smooth processes!

Where can I get support for my Beam device?

You can email for any questions you have or help you need regarding your Beam product. Please include the serial number at the bottom of your Beam device in your correspondence. Our support team is located in Colorado, and is available 9AM-5PM, Mountain Time, Monday-Friday.


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